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Using Your B2B Buyer Persona to Create Impactful Marketing

B2B Marketing

[caption id="attachment_4870" align="alignright" width="300"] #image_title[/caption] You’ve spent countless hours developing your product and are now eager to share with your B2B buyer persona its many features. But after investing in your marketing campaign, they’re unengaged. What went wron...

Beef Up Your B2B Lead Funnel for More Profitable Conversions

Lead Nuturing

As the economic outlook becomes increasingly cloudy, the pressure to convert leads into profitable customers grows. The good news is that we have the tools to modernize the B2B lead funnel; the challenge is knowing how to put them to their best use. Consider that less than 30 per cent of lead...

Is Your Landing Page Not Converting? Follow This Strategy

Landing Pages

[caption id="attachment_4863" align="alignright" width="300"] #image_title[/caption] Your Google Ads, social media campaigns, and outbound emails are all generating plenty of clicks, driving visitors to your landing page. But then…nothing. Your conversion rate is nowhere near what you want it t...

Why Purpose-Driven Brands Thrive in the Digital Revolution

B2B Marketing

Until recently, B2B companies could win plenty of business by relying on in-person meetings, follow-up calls, and conferences. Purpose-driven brands were more reserved in the B2C space because B2B vendors relied more so on the sales team to create a sense of authenticity. But the digitalizati...

Social Selling for Authentic B2B Branding

Social Selling

How often do you see brands on social media posting to “feed the algorithm?” So much of B2B branding through social selling has become stale. Businesses are pumping out content because they feel they must, and while they may have a large following, there isn’t much engagement. Successfu...