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Social Media Influencer Marketing Services

Leverage the power of influence to increase your reach.


of women turn to social media for buying advice.

Influence your target markets
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Start Using the Power of Social Influence to Tap Into Target Markets and Drive More Sales

It’s not surprising that 90% of marketers believe influencer marketing is an effective form of marketing. They aren’t wrong. Not every brand can gain a large social following overnight. Why not leverage the power of influencers who already have a large and relevant audience? Optimizing for influencer marketing increases your brand awareness and credibility for increased lead generation and conversions.

Become More Convincing with the Help of Influencers

Everyone is looking towards influencers for recommendations throughout the customer purchasing journey. Influencers have the credibility and power that few have on social media. With their help, you can penetrate their niche audience to gain trust, awareness, and visibility.

Effective influencer marketing can also help spice up your digital marketing strategy to offer your target buyer persona fresh new content. With the increasing popularity of influencer marketing as a reputable way to drive conversions and leads, you can prove your value proposition to more people than you can imagine.

Ready to get help from the social media experts? Contact us today to start leveraging the power of the people to interact with high-quality leads and conversions that believe in your brand.

What is included in our Influencer Marketing services?

  • Strategy.
  • Sourcing influencers.
  • Sourcing tags.
  • Curation of influencer content to support tags.
  • Creation of your content to support tags.
  • Monitoring and moderation.
  • Reporting.

Your Steps to Success

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Identifying the Right Influencers

The first step to influencer marketing is finding the influencers that will support your brand through your digital marketing journey. We help you identify these people. Regardless of what industry you are in and what you want to achieve, we’ll compile a list of influencers that will endorse your product and service and identify the social channels to use.

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Establish a Strong Strategy for Social Tagging to Support Your Initiative

Beyond identifying paid influencers to publicize your products or services, a strategy to tag influencers in relevant content is another critical step to success. Exposing influencers to your valuable content can lead to the same influence, if not more, than if you paid them for sponsored content.

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Initiating the Conversation

We’ll work with influencers to create campaigns that are convincing and appealing to your target buyer persona. We’ll research hashtags, keywords, and tools needed to generate organic content relevant to your audience so you can build trust, reputation, and long-lasting customer relationships.

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Measuring the Results

With any campaign, you need to know the results of your efforts to see the value of your resources. We measure your impressions, engagement, audience reach, and more to indicate your leads and conversions are in the right direction. We’ll also provide reports for transparency.

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