Image representing the transitioning of an online brand

Supported Insolvency and Tax Practice to Transition Online Brand After Acquisition

National Financial Advisory and Accounting Firm


  • Automated Email Marketing Management
  • Compliance
  • Custom Wordpress Website
  • Google PPC Management
  • Inbound Marketing Assessment
  • Social Media Marketing Management


We consulted our client about brand transitioning and rebranding after a consumer insolvency practice acquisition to improve brand placement and competitiveness in the industry. Keeping the goals of our client in mind, we developed a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that involved several different campaigns to improve the entire customer experience.

The Opportunity

To help our client with rebranding that involved developing a new website, an improved social media marketing campaign that better targets their buyer persona, and a full inbound strategy to generate high-quality leads and conversions.

How We Helped Them

Keeping our client’s goals in mind, we first helped them develop new branding that specifically targets individuals and families who are struggling financially. This included the development of a new business name and new products. We focused on building a targeted buyer persona to guide the direction of the rebranding.

We developed a custom WordPress website focused on website content with optimized on-page and off-page SEO, usability, compliance, and functionality to ensure high rankings and optimal leads and conversion with the right buyer persona. The custom WordPress website has a self-maintainable CMS which provided our client with an intuitive platform to manage the website content with minimal technical expertise.

We helped our client strategize several digital marketing campaigns to ensure proper brand placement and exposure with their buyer persona and industry professionals for maximized leads, conversions, referrals, and partnerships. These included a social marketing management program, enhanced management of LinkedIn and Facebook presences, Google PPC management, and an inbound automated email marketing program that targeted four different streams.

Project Outcome

The launching of our client’s rebranding was a success and met with positive feedback within their industry community. Our client was able to solidify their presence as a valuable and competitive brand with their existing customers and build new relationships with industry professionals and prospects.

We continue to work with them to grow their business by focusing on their digital marketing campaigns that are data-driven and user-centric to help them drive new leads, conversions, and referral partnerships.