Image representing four verticals

Oversaw Digital Marketing for 4 Different Verticals

International Technology Firm


  • Automated Email Marketing Management
  • Compliance
  • Custom Wordpress Website
  • Integrations
  • Project Planning
  • Social Media Marketing Management


We consulted our client on digital marketing to the real estate, financial, and legal industries. Keeping the different industries in mind, we provided a scalable marketing solution that separated their service segments and improved brand alignment and consistency.

The Opportunity

Our client provides several services to different industries. They wanted a comprehensive and user-centric way to differentiate the various verticals, while developing a sense of brand unity across their digital assets.

We helped our client develop a comprehensive digital marketing strategy centered around usability and compliance to generate maximum visibility, consistency, leads, and conversions to each vertical.

How We Helped Them

We helped our client with project planning to ensure a detailed blueprint of how to achieve their goals in a desired timeframe.

After a workstream was created, we first built custom WordPress websites to support the different initiatives of our client. This included contact form integrations for four of our client’s verticals. We also helped them build the corporate website.

Each website was built with AODA compliance and usability in mind so our client can rank high in search engines and provide an overall memorable customer experience that solidified their credibility in the industry and the value of their business proposition.

We also helped our client manage the social media presences for three of their verticals to optimize visibility, brand placement, and presence among the target buyer persona.

Additionally, we managed the inbound automated email marketing for one of their verticals to further efforts to nurture leads and drive conversions.

We also created and managed ongoing digital content for our client, including value-added eBooks, to educate their buyer persona and provide compelling and valuable content that encourages prospects to convert to customers.

Project Outcome

Our client has enjoyed ongoing growth and success from our digital marketing efforts.

We helped them amass a large and sustainable social following and thousands of monthly visits to their websites.

Our client has also enjoyed increased high-quality leads and conversions from their different website and different digital marketing campaigns.

We continue to work with our client to deliver quality data-driven and user-centric digital marketing services that contribute to their business growth – all at a lower cost of acquisition.