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New Brand and Digital Marketing Strategy for a National Debt Consulting Company

National Financial Consulting Company


  • Custom Wordpress Website
  • Social Media Marketing Management
  • Social PPC Management


We consulted our client on developing a brand and digital marketing strategy for their debt consulting and insolvency business to become more competitive in the industry. Keeping our client’s growth goals and industry landscape in mind, we supported them from their brand launch to expansion across the Canadian market space.

The Opportunity

Our client wanted to establish themselves as a trustworthy brand in the competitive industry of debt consolidation, consulting, and insolvency services. Our client was competing against large trustees, banks, finance companies, and mortgage brokerages that have huge marketing resources.

We put our client’s buyer persona first, thinking about what their customers needed and wanted during times of financial struggle, and focused on building a brand that was built around trust, care, and transparency.

We also helped our client develop other financial products that led to new revenue streams and the ability to expand their services to more than just debt consulting.

How We Helped Them

We helped our client develop and deploy an ongoing digital marketing strategy that focused on placing their brand in front of their most valued target persona – presenting them as a family brand rather than a debt consulting business.

We guided them through the development of website content and communications to engage with their buyer persona at all touchpoints of the customer journey. We wanted our client’s buyer persona to feel cared for at every step of their financial journey.

We executed a social media marketing strategy focused on long-term content strategy, created a Facebook group that amassed a large following, and provided social PPC ads to help our client’s brand placement and presence.

We also launched a new custom WordPress website for our client and helped with project consulting and development of services. This allowed them to provide a better consulting experience for customers and to drive traffic for generating leads and conversions.

Project Outcome

Our client has amassed a large national following and now thrive in the competitive marketplace of debt consolidation, consulting, and insolvency services.

Their website continues to rank well organically with wide brand coverage and thousands of monthly visits to their website.

As a result, our client enjoys high-quality leads and strong conversions generated from digital marketing efforts.

While they started in Ontario, our client now serves consumers across the country as we continue to work with them to grow their business.