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Who Has to Follow Web Content Accessibility Guidelines?

Web content accessibility guidelines (WCAG) are a set of standards that define how website content should be designed and published to be more accessible to people with disabilities, such as hearing, visual, physical, and more.

WCAG standards apply to all types of website content that appear in digital formats. It includes computers, mobile devices, tablets, and other electronic devices.

Any person or business that produces website content that is consumed by businesses, organizations, and individuals globally should be WCAG compliant.

By January 2021, Ontario businesses must make their public-facing websites follow WCAG 2.0 standards.

Failing to follow WCAG standards can result in penalties for your digital marketing results, loss of reputation, costly efforts to fix compliance issues, and possibly fines.

  1. Web developers

Web developers play a big role in designing websites and bringing them to life. Even though there are often tight deadlines, website accessibility shouldn’t be ignored. It’s a lot harder to fix websites with accessibility issues than to incorporate proper accessibility best practices in the beginning.

  1. Content marketing specialists

People that write content for websites also need to care about website accessibility because they will be posting new information on the website. Content writers need to ensure that the pieces they are writing meet accessibility standards. It could mean making sure your content is easy to read by shortening sentences or adding alt texts and captions to your images.

  1. Digital marketers

Website accessibility expands your customer base and provides benefits such as improved search engine optimization (SEO) and usability. Digital marketers rely on websites as a growth tool for leads and conversions. Focusing on WCAG standards will help digital marketers better leverage websites to achieve sustainable growth and success.

If you need help with WCAG compliance, contact us for help today.