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Demand Generation: B2B Growth Part 2

B2B Marketing

In the previous post in this series, we discussed growth hacking vs growth marketing, and why the latter is better for B2B growth because it embraces a long-term approach for sustainable results by taking the time to invest in the brand and its buyer persona. In this post, we’re going to discuss d...

Growth Hacking vs Growth Marketing: B2B Growth Part 1

B2B Marketing

In today’s digitalized economy, the B2B buyer’s journey is taking place mostly online. Customer relationships now often begin online, by drawing prospects in with content or other means. As such, in the digital marketing sphere, buzzwords like “growth hacking” and “growth marketing” have...

Target ROAS: How Google Ads and HubSpot Can Help

Marketing Tools

HubSpot has recently integrated a Google Ads tool into its CRM, expanding users’ insight into how their ads are influencing contacts at every stage of the buyer’s journey. You can track leads from their initial online session to scheduling a demo call with sales, allowing you to see a direct ret...

Site Form: Benefits and Best Practices

Website Design

Put simply, a site form, or web form, is an online page that mimics a paper form, allowing visitors to input data. A site form can contain a group of fields like checkboxes, text boxes, and a submit button. Companies can use a site form for visitors to request more information from the sales team or...

First-Party Data: Take Ownership of Your Audience


It’s taken longer than initially expected, but we can expect “cookiepocalypse” by mid-2023. While other browsers like Safari and Firefox have already started blocking third-party cookies, Google Chrome is the search engine superstar, meaning it will have a massive impact on websites who rely o...