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Digital Storytelling: Centring Your Buyer Persona

Communications Strategy

Customers don’t just want to hear how great a product is; they want a story that shows how the product will enrich their lives. It’s a simple concept but many brands still struggle to centre the buyer persona and not themselves. This means leveraging persuasive digital storytelling instead of in...

Conversational Marketing: B2B Applications

B2B Marketing

One of the challenges of B2B marketing is that vendors have a small window of opportunity to influence potential buyers. Gartner estimates that B2B buyers spend nearly 30 per cent of their time researching independently online and almost 20 per cent offline. That means almost half of the buyer’...

B2B Video: Marketing Strategies

Video Marketing

Over the past decade, B2B video marketing has established itself as one of the most important channels for marketers. Over 85 per cent of businesses use video marketing to some extent and 92 per cent of marketers who use it say it’s an important part of their strategy. What’s perhaps most import...

Website Revamping: When Should You Make a Change?


As a general rule of thumb, every two to three years your business should consider a website revamping. Even if you’re following all SEO best practices and producing great content, design techniques become date quickly, and new technology and integration change quickly. By neglecting a good spring...

Digital Content Strategy: The Triple C Approach

Digital Marketing Strategy

A digital content strategy is the blueprint businesses use to achieve their growth marketing goals, which can include reaching new audiences, building credibility, and generating leads. Blog posts, social media campaigns, and email marketing are all powerful tools, but without a proper strategy or m...