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Planning a Site Migration? Here’s What You Need to Know


Businesses may consider a site migration if they’re looking to improve SEO. Moving your website to a new host, CMS platform, or server can improve loading speed and user experience. For example, it is estimated that bounce rate increases by 123 per cent if a site takes up to ten seconds to load. ...

Is GA4 the Cross-Platform Analytics Solution You’ve Been Hoping For?

Customer Journey Mapping

In today’s digital landscape, customers are engaging with your brand across various touchpoints. And with new privacy laws being enacted, tracking customer data will become more challenging. You need a cross-platform analytics solution that doesn’t rely on cookies but can still provide valuable ...

A New Niche to Consider for Persona-Based Marketing

Buyer Persona

A solid persona-based marketing strategy involves researching current and potential customers. Over the last couple of years, we have seen so many fluctuations in the way we work, buy, consume, and live our lives, creating new buyer personas marketers must recognize. One such buyer persona is the...

Outbound Marketing: B2B Growth Part 5

B2B Marketing

In the previous post on this series on B2B growth, we discussed social selling and how it’s a powerful tool to build trust with your buyer persona as well as provide insight for personalization. In this post, we’ll discuss more on using data for personalization in this case for outbound marketin...

Social Selling: B2B Growth Part 4

B2B Marketing

The trend toward a buyer-centric digital model for B2B has accelerated over the last two years. Gartner estimates that 80 per cent of B2B sales interactions will happen in digital channels by 2025. B2B buyers increasingly expect to deal with vendors at their convenience. Social selling is an ideal s...