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How Can I Fix A Bad Review That Can't Be Removed?

Online reviews are crucial to a company’s reputation. While a positive review will add credibility and trustworthiness to your business, a negative review can deter someone from making a purchase.

97% of people read reviews of local businesses and online reviews to decide on a purchase.

While businesses would love to only receive positive reviews, that doesn’t always happen.

So, what happens when there’s a review of your brand that you want to remove?

You can’t avoid irrelevant comments, inappropriate content, and fake reviews. If you see these types of reviews on your brand page or when users search your company on Google, you can submit an appeal to have it removed.

However, this can be a lengthy process, and you could be losing thousands of customers or prospects in the meantime.

Here are a few ways your brand can professionally handle Google reviews that can’t be removed.

  1. Respond to the review.

Even if it’s a bad review, you want to be responsive. Address the experience that the customer had and ask if there are any ways you can make the overall customer experience better.

Responding to all reviews shows that your brand cares about how customers feel about your brand and their experiences interacting with your brand. It also shows that you can take responsibility of mistakes and find ways to improve.

  1. Ask customers to delete their reviews.

Although a conflict might be addressed and resolved, customers can forget to take their negative reviews down.

Kindly and professionally ask the customer to delete their review if they feel that the matter can be closed. Remember to ask in private and be patient if the customer has additional concerns.

  1. Be a problem solver.

Customers leave negative reviews because they are frustrated with a brand. It’s important that your customers feel heard and valued. Ask them about their experience and if there is anything you can do to solve their problem.

While you may not be able to solve every problem or reach every customer, it shows that your brand cares about its customers and promotes your brand’s reputation.

If you are trying to better manage your reviews and online reputation, contact us for help today.