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Why Isn’t My Website Driving Leads?

For any business, regardless if you provide a product or service, the website is an important driver of traffic, leads, conversions, and overall business.

Even if you don’t operate an eCommerce business, your website is still crucial to the success and credibility of your company because it’s a vessel to implement strategies like content marketing, SEO, and marketing automation.

Content marketing generates 3 times as many leads as outbound marketing at a lower cost of acquisition. 80% of customers say the experience a company provides on their website is as important as the products and services provided.

Since a website is vital to the overall success strategy of any business, its ability to generate leads is important. If your website isn’t generating enough leads, it’s important to understand why.

  1. Your website content doesn’t solve any customer problems.

Customers rely on your website to inform them about your products and services. They also visit your website to learn about your company in general.

If your website isn’t establishing your business as a credible source of information and the content isn’t relevant to your buyer persona, your audience won’t be convinced to become a qualified lead.

  1. Your content isn’t compelling or engaging enough.

If your website doesn’t appeal to your audience, they will exit and not look back.

Your website should provide relevant information in a way that your audience prefers. Think about the blog topics you post, the brand tone you use, and your messaging. People want to see fresh ideas that are compelling and convincing before becoming a customer.

  1. Your website has no calls to action.

How will visitors know what they need to do after visiting your website without your guidance?

Incorporating landing pages, buttons, and instructions can help you generate leads because it encourages visitors to take action. You can then use the information you receive to nurture leads and drive sales.

If you are trying to drive more leads with your website, contact us for help today.