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Consulted on the Development of a Tax Practice for People With Tax Problems Including Oversight of All Marketing

National Accounting Firm

York Region

  • Google Adwords Management
  • Project Planning
  • Social Media Marketing Management


We consulted our client on increasing profitability of their tax filers. Keeping the issue of late filing in mind, we proposed a program for late tax filers and businesses with tax compliancy issues that prepared multiple years of returns and additional advisory services for their clients.

The Opportunity

Our client wanted to ramp up digital marketing initiatives to distinguish their brand among a niche buyer persona. To differentiate their business and improve competitiveness, we pitched a program that specifically targeted late filers to help them overcome the consequences of filing late returns.

We focused our client’s digital marketing strategy around educating their buyer persona about the problems and consequences of late returns and creating a credible relationship to encourage them to seek guidance.

How We Helped Them

First, we helped our client develop a comprehensive blueprint that mapped out their pricing, services, operations, digital marketing strategies, and supporting brand assets needed.

We then helped our client develop a unique brand voice for digital marketing campaigns that allowed them to build a deeper relationship with their target buyer persona – one that is based on trust.

We formed the needed workflow streams to execute and manage the digital marketing campaigns and developed the forms and documents our client needed to service their customers.

We also trained our client’s staff on brand messaging and optics to ensure consistency of service and brand voice at all touchpoints of the customer journey.

We helped them deploy a detailed marketing strategy including social media marketing, Google PPC management, and radio content to gain more visibility and better brand presence for lead generation and conversions.

Project Outcome

Within the first year, our client’s brand recognition improved greatly, and they saw increased revenue exceeding $50,000 gross sales monthly.

Our client also enjoyed an increase of more than 3,000 monthly visits to their website, as well as an established social following on LinkedIn and Facebook and higher organic rankings on Google.

We continue to work with our client to execute and manage their digital marketing to provide ongoing growth and success.