Image representing improvement of brand placement

Improved Online Brand Placement in a Very Competitive Industry

Licensed Insolvency Trustee


  • Call Tracking
  • Compliance
  • Conversion Path Mapping
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Google Adwords Management
  • Integrations
  • Usability Assessment


We consulted our client on improving brand placement for more visibility within the industry and target buyer persona. Keeping the competitiveness of the financial industry in mind, we helped our client develop a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that positioned their brand as a credible and reliable brand that services the best interest of their clients.

The Opportunity

Our client wanted to increase debtor files from their previous year’s results and improve awareness for their Licensed Insolvency Trustee services to highlight their value proposition.

They also wanted to improve search engine results for better brand placement and competitiveness with national bankruptcy trustee firms in the industry.

How We Helped Them

We optimized our client’s website for search engines, improved user experience and usability, performed conversion path mapping to address missed opportunities.

We set up call tracking to measure phone leads and tracked website leads to nurture prospects and close the deal.

We also increased website traffic to capture more qualified leads from our client’s target buyer persona.

In addition, we optimized the client’s digital presence for mobile traffic, focusing on compliance, functionality, and usability to ensure conversion points from all sources.

We also fully optimized our client’s PPC ad campaign to include manual monitoring of PPC keyword bids, A/B testing to improve ad performance, ongoing evaluation of keywords to identify the best ones and add negative keywords, and developed compelling landing page content to improve conversions.

Project Outcome

Our client enjoyed a 20% increase in new customers from the previous year with 60% of the new customers a direct result of our digital marketing strategy.

Our client also experienced an increase of more than 54% in leads generated through the phone and their website.