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Brand Transition After Acquisition and New Digital Marketing Strategy

International IT Company


  • Automated Email Marketing
  • Custom Wordpress Website
  • SEO Audit
  • Social Media Marketing Management


We consulted our client on brand transitioning after a part of their brand was acquired by an international company. Keeping the individual needs of each company in mind, we helped develop a complete digital marketing strategy that established brand placement and presence as two distinct businesses.

The Opportunity

Our client needed a brand transitioning plan to promote the acquisition and the services that arise from it, while maintaining the brand presence of their current digital media assets.

Our client required a brand refresh after the acquisition to focus on proper brand placement and visibility with their buyer persona to distinguishing the remaining entity from its former parent company.

The parent company of our client also needed our help establishing a digital marketing strategy to transition to the new international brand with minimal disruptions in servicing customers.


How We Helped Them

We first helped our client perform SEO audits to ensure that the quality of content wouldn’t be lost after the acquisition.

We put together a comprehensive transition plan for all companies involved to ensure all necessary digital assets and campaigns were created, and to inform all audience of the new branding.

This included their social media marketing and their inbound automated email marketing campaigns.

Project Outcome

The brand transitioning of our client was very successful, and we minimized the disruptions to ensure we didn’t compromise the existing services and service quality of our client.

After the transition of the first company, we worked closely with our client to fully transition the second company. The client is now fully integrated with the new parent company and providing more comprehensive services to their buyer persona.

We continue to work with our client to deploy yearly initiatives and continue to help our client grow their business through lead generation and conversion activities.