Image Representing New Product Launch

Supported An Established International Company to Digitally Launch a New Brand and Products in Canada

International Retail Merchandising Company


  • Automated Email Marketing
  • Compliance
  • Custom Wordpress Website
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Google Adwords Management
  • Google PPC Management


We consulted our client on the development, launch, and maintenance of their digital retail merchandising and marketing after they purchased the Canadian distribution rights to an international brand. Keeping our client’s brand and growth goals in mind, we helped them develop a complete strategy that allowed them to capture the Canadian market space.

The Opportunity

From the ground up, we helped our client build their digital marketing strategy to establish brand presence and placement in the Canadian market space. The international brand our client purchased distribution rights to garnered immediate national retail coverage in retailers like Shoppers Drug Mart and Walmart. Keeping in mind the needs of our client, the international brand, and their audiences, we helped them develop a custom WordPress website and launch an eCommerce strategy. We also helped our client deploy a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that involved pay-per-click campaigns on Google and Facebook and social media marketing management.

How We Helped Them

The first thing we helped our client with was building and managing a new custom WordPress website for the international brand distribution. We also launched a Shopify store and eCommerce strategy to help our client with product promotions and selling online such as on Amazon.

We also consulted with our client on a comprehensive digital marketing strategy and developed pay-per-click campaigns for them on Google and Facebook on a product and use base. This helped them with brand placement with their buyer persona and was especially helpful in getting the word out about their new products.

We also helped them execute a social media marketing strategy with personalized social content and managed the activity on all their social platforms. This allowed our client to build relationships with customers, drive traffic to their website and eCommerce listings, as well as generate leads and conversions.

Project Outcome

The international brand that our client bought the Canadian distribution rights to was a huge success! The brand established considerable authority in the Canadian market space in a short amount of time and they are listed in most retailers across Canada.

Our client has amassed a significant following on their social platforms and have built many credible and lasting customer relationships. The eCommerce platform, including Amazon, has provided many sales opportunities for our client, and has grown their revenue significantly.