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Supported Client to Target New Buyer Personas Using Social Media and Modifying Those Customer’s Journey

National CPG Brand


  • Buyer Process Mapping
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Social Media Marketing


We consulted our client, an established legacy CPG brand in Canada, on brand transitioning after they expressed desires to expand their buyer persona segments to include younger demographic audiences. Keeping our client’s transitioning goals in mind, we helped them understand their new buyer persona and develop a comprehensive strategy that increased their competitiveness in the industry and put their customers first.

The Opportunity

Starting from ground zero, we helped our client build up their digital presence to optimize marketing efforts to their current older demographic audience, while also catering to the needs of the younger demographic. To help them stay competitive as their competitors moved online, we strategized and executed a complete digital marketing program that emphasized fun, engaging, and nostalgic content to drive high-quality leads and conversions using social media.

How We Helped Them

We first mapped out what the younger demographic buyer persona looks like and what they want to help our client gain a better understanding of their new target audience. Then, we planned and executed a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that involved a basic social media marketing plan. This allowed them to introduce their brand to the younger demographic audience and build rapport with their new buyer persona segment.

We managed all their social media presences to ensure an optimized and memorable customer experience throughout all touchpoints of the customer journey. We also helped them launch product giveaways as a fun way to interact with their customers and build lasting relationships for lead generation and conversions.

Finally, we helped our client train their in-house marketing team on digital media best practices to improve their internal capabilities and competitiveness within the industry.

Project Outcome

Our client was able to build-up a significant social media following in a short period of time, effectively establishing their brand presence and placement within the industry among the older and younger demographics. Their digital presences garnered national media attention, further proving their brand presence as a valuable business that deserves the trust of existing and new customers.

Our client’s in-house marketing team learned how to transition their digital marketing for an online audience which greatly improved competitiveness among their peers and increased lead generation and conversions with each of their buyer persona segments.

We continue to work closely with our client to grow their business as national legacy brand by focusing on their digital marketing campaigns.