image representing a social media and communication plan

Communication and Social Media Plan to Support the Sunsetting of an Existing Product

International CPG Brand


  • Communication Planning
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Website Development


We consulted our client about phasing out one of their heavily marketed products from their eCommerce and digital marketing assets because it discontinued. Keeping our client’s valuable customers in mind, we developed a product phase out strategy that ensured minimal disruptions to the customers’ interactions with the client’s remaining products.

The Opportunity

To help our client phase out a staple product from their brand assets with minimal impact to the client’s other product lines or to the overall customer experience.

How We Helped Them

We helped our client remove the product from all eCommerce listings without disrupting the ability for them to continue offering their other products and without interrupting their customers’ experience with their website.

We also helped our client form a communication strategy to inform customers about the discontinuation of the product. This included a comprehensive social media marketing strategy and digital marketing strategy to facilitate the process and maintain customer engagement during this period of brand transitioning.

Project Outcome

Our client successfully phased out the discontinued product with minimal negative publicity and disruptions to their operations. Their customers were well informed throughout the transitioning period to minimize discrepancies between our client’s eCommerce listings and availability expectations.