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A BTB Digital Strategy to Target Referral Business

National Mortgage Investment Corporation


  • Analytics
  • Digital Content Creation
  • Social Media Marketing Management
  • Social Selling


We consulted our client, a newly publicly traded company, on leveraging B2B digital media channels to develop new investor, broker, and developer relationships with industry professionals. Keeping the different preferences of industry professionals and the needs of our client, we helped our client develop a strategy to improve relationship building.

The Opportunity

Our client wanted to improve the way they were generating leads and conversions to their business. We helped our client develop a LinkedIn focused program that provided weekly content for their buyer persona, content sharing in targeted relevant professional communities, and direct solicitation to convert prospects.

How We Helped Them

We worked closely with our client to develop a LinkedIn plan focused on building long-term relationships with industry professionals.

We helped our client create compelling content on LinkedIn to interact with the buyer persona to build their credibility and brand presence within the relevant communities.

We also helped create and maintain the social presences of our client to better understand their buyer persona and ensure that their buyer persona is actively engaged at all touchpoints in the customer journey. Our client also wanted to ensure that they were staying relevant among the industry professionals.

We provided our client with ongoing tracking and reporting to provide transparency of campaign results. That way, our client knew if the strategies were translating to the desired outcomes and adjust accordingly for continued improvement and growth.

Project Outcome

Our client was super happy with our digital marketing services and they were able to enjoy success of their content and direct solicitation efforts.

We continue to work with our client to train their in-house sales team on effective social selling on LinkedIn and manage the solicitation program to build a stronger network of client relationships.

We also continue to consult our client on digital marketing efforts to drive their leads and conversions.