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A New Program to Help Legal Team Understand a Clients True Financial Profile / Capacity

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  • Customer Journey Mapping
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We consulted our client on creating a financial assessment program that organizes clients based on their financial capacity to pay. Keeping the situation of our client’s buyer persona in mind, we proposed a program focused on building relationships with prospects and helping them through their financial troubles.

The Opportunity

Our client noticed that their ability to provide quality financial help to their customers depended on the customers’ ability to pay debt.

To provide better service to their customers, we proposed our client with a comprehensive program that assessed the financial situation of customers and provide appropriate action plans based on the assessment results. The financial assessment models would also be used by our client to make submissions to the CRA.

How We Helped Them

We helped our client research different scenarios and case studies to determine what their financial models would be based on.

We created a main financial assessment template for our client as well as additional models to support the comprehensiveness of the assessment for optimal accurate results.

We supported our client through the entire implementation process of the program including recruiting an in-house team to perform the financial assessments, training staff to perform assessments, and partnering with a Licensed Insolvency Trustee to provide service to insolvent customers.

Project Outcome

The financial assessment system worked very well for our client.

Our client was able to expedite casework because our developed assessment system provided them with more key insights on their customers.

It also provided our client with increased success in negotiations that involved their customers’ finances.

Our client continues to use the financial assessment system to enhance their ability to provide better service and generate prospects.