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Why Are Social Media Blogs Important, Do People Actually Read Them?

People absolutely read social media blogs. 80% of internet users regularly read blog posts about a variety of topics, and 70% of consumers say a blog can add credibility to a business’s website.

Regardless of the size and industry of a business, blogs are beneficial growth tools for the company’s marketing department.

Blogging is a creative way to establish a brand personality and voice that’s credible, engaging, and active. It helps customers stay informed throughout the customer journey and makes your brand more approachable to visitors looking for help.

Blogging can also help you connect your website content to your social media and other digital presences by sharing your blogs across your different platforms.

If you are hesitant about the effectiveness of blogs for your company, here are some reasons why they should be essential to your marketing.

  1. Blogs improve your brand awareness.

Blogs create more opportunities for your business to be discovered. It also provides opportunities for your website to build credibility, optimize SEO, and increase brand authority with trustworthy links to help your website rank high on search engines.

Each blog can be shared across your socials, and your audience can also share your blogs to help your brand get discovered by new prospects. It ultimately helps you drive increased traffic, conversions, and leads.

  1. Blogs build relationships.

Blogs help brands create and nurture customer relationships. You can ask for audience feedback and provide facts or opinions on topics that your audience finds relevant.

Blogs also encourage readers to visit your social channels and other website pages to build a deeper interest and understanding of your brand.

  1. Blogs help you connect with your audience.

Customers won’t know what your brand is doing to improve and innovate if you aren’t sharing information. Blogs are a great way to give your brand a human face that’s approachable, transparent, and friendly.

Adding thought-leadership pieces, educational pieces, and company news-related content can help you achieve the transparency your audience is looking for to stay engaged with your brand.

If you are trying to improve the quality and effectiveness of your blogs, contact us for help today.