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Are your results where you want them to be?


of organizations report the use of big data and analytics is creating competitive advantage for their organization.

Let's get your data working for you
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Understanding the Data Puts You in Control

Data is the most obvious indication of the success of your digital marketing campaigns. Knowing where your digital marketing efforts land you is important for knowing you are on the right path to successful growth. We always want you to be on that path. With analytics, you’ll have the transparency you need to be confident in your digital marketing no matter what industry or audience you’re targeting.

Get the Data You Need

At DigiForce, we believe that data is at the center of digital marketing. Data gives you information about the progress of your campaigns, the preferences and behaviours of your buyer persona, and how to improve your brand to provide an even better customer experience.

With the right analytics tools, you can have the data you need to learn about your audience and make important business decisions that drive your leads and conversions.

Interested in learning how you can gain access to valuable insights? Contact us today to integrate analytics into your digital marketing.

What types of analytics do we work with?

We work with applications like:

  • Google analytics.
  • Social analytics (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.).
  • Inbound analytics (Hubspot, Acton, Click Dimensions, and more.).
  • Analytics aggregators (EG. Sprout).
  • Call tracking analytics.


Your Steps to Success

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We will review the different tools and platforms you currently use to identify redundancies and ways to make your analytics more efficient.

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Identify Issues

We will identify key metrics and standard metrics to measure each digital marketing platform you are engaged in.

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Integrate Analytics

The next step is to integrate the required technology and configuration as recommended.

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Tracking and Reporting

Finally, we’ll provide ongoing tracking of the performance of your various campaigns and compile the data into detailed reports that tell you exactly how your brand is doing. We will work closely with you to give you the transparency you need throughout your digital marketing.

Interested in Enhancing Your Analytics?

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Case Studies

See how we have helped other companies enhance their analytics.